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Blending Sounds Workshop

Discover five common reasons kids struggle to read, even when they know their letter sounds-and find out how to move forward fast.

Register By May 31 ($19.99)
Teaching parents to teach their kids to read.

Feeling stuck sucks.

Although many kids pick up their letter sounds fairly quickly, taking the next step to blending can be tough! And when kids struggle, they get bored, parents get frustrated, and everyone gets tempted to throw in the towel.

This workshop can rescue your reading journey.
Register By May 31 ($19.99)
Little girl reading with Mom

Learn how to help your little one who is:

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new to blending
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struggling with blending
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blending slowly and making mistakes
Register By May 31 ($19.99)
Quick Tips
The Blending Sounds Workshop is just 35 minutes long and you get 7 days to watch it.
Fast Wins
You'll learn proven strategies to help your little one go from struggling to successful.

"The joy seeing your child read is magical."

- Helen R.
"After a couple of days, he got it... It continues to amaze me that something that seems near impossible for their little brains one day can just click the next."
Jessica P
"Tonight, the 3-letter blend clicked, and he zoomed past almost all I was saying... He read the whole book with minimal help."
Britney P.
"My son is 9 and dyslexic with a speech disorder and Spencer's approach has been the only approach that has helped him learn to blend. It's been miraculous actually!"
Erica F.

Here's what you get:

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7 days of access to the workshop (June 1-8)
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a simple, five-step action plan to help you make progress
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printable sounds assessment
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printable blending assessment
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three printable books to practice blending
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$20 off your purchase of my upgraded Blending Words Course
Register by May 31 ($19.99)
Spencer teaching how to blend on a whiteboard.
Hi, I'm Spencer.

I believe little kids can do big things.

I'm passionate about helping parents teach their children to read. But to be honest, it's not ultimately about the reading itself. It's about what reading unlocks.

When kids read well from the get-go, they do better in school from the start. Strong academics means more opportunities down the road. And more opportunities mean more options.

In other words, when kids read well, they get to choose their life.

Whatever small role I can play in your little one's success, I'm here for it. Every step of the way.
Meet Spencer
Spencer teaching a child to read.
Spencer Russell
Award-Winning Educator
Founder of Toddlers CAN Read

Let's get you unstuck.

Save your spot.

Your registration includes the workshop, assessment tools, printable books, and more.
A little boy with glasses reading a book.

Watch the workshop.

We'll share the workshop link with you on June 1, and you'll have access through June 8.
Spencer teaching how to use decodable books with blending.

Kickstart your kiddo's progress.

Watch your little one go from knowing sounds to reading words faster than you can imagine.
Child learning to read.

Common Questions

Who is this workshop for?
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Blending Sounds is for anyone with little ones who haven't started blending yet, are struggling to blend, or who blend slowly and make mistakes.
Why are you only giving access for a week?
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Great question! When you have "unlimited access" to a workshop that costs just $19.99, it's really easy to never actually watch the workshop. Since you're trusting me with your money, I want you to actually have success. And that means... watching the workshop. Remember, you get it for a full week, and it's only 35 minutes long.
I've already purchased a TCR course. Do I need to buy this workshop?
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I'm so happy you're here. Check your email for free access!
When will this be offered again?
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This is the only time I'll be offering this exact workshop. If you want it, register by May 31!