Toddlers CAN Read

Learning to read changes kids' lives for the better.

We offer step-by-step guidance so you can teach your little one to read—starting as early as 18 months old.

Accelerate your child's reading journey.

When children struggle with reading, school is much harder—both academically and socially. And the tough truth is, in traditional classroom settings, most kids have trouble learning to read.

Thankfully, you don't have to rely on someone else to teach your little one to read. Instead, you can teach them.
Show Me How

Reading impacts more than grades.

Improves self-esteem
Broadens interests
Increases graduation rates
Encourages school engagement
Expands career choices
Hi, I'm Spencer.

Here's why I care so much about kids and reading.

I'm definitely passionate about helping parents and caregivers teach their little ones to read. But to be honest, it's not ultimately about the reading itself.

It's about what reading unlocks.

When kids read well from the get-go, they do better in school from the start. Strong academics means more opportunities down the road. And more opportunities mean more options.

In other words, when kids read well, they get to choose their life.

Whatever small role I can play in your little one's success, I'm here for it. Every step of the way.
Meet Spencer
Spencer Russell
Award-Winning Educator
Founder of Toddlers CAN Read

Kids who start ahead stay ahead.

And supporting your child's reading journey is so much easier than you think. (Plus, it's fun. For both of you!)

This is going to give my son the confidence he needs in a classroom.

My son is two years old. We only spend about 10 minutes a day doing letters and he still learned all of them in only six weeks. I love what this program teaches you about making learning fun and using play!
Kelley S.

I wish our education system would follow this path.

I was buying useless apps and technology to help my daughter learn to "read," but alas, to no avail. Spencer literally opened the path on how we can help our children the right way!

My son is learning new sounds every week.

The program gives age appropriate strategies to implement with young children to get them engaged in learning their sounds and begin their reading journey.
Christina B.

If you want to teach your little one to read, you can.

You don't need teaching experience. You don't need a lot of time. You definitely don't need to force your child to sit still and focus. All you need is a belief they can learn to read and that you're the person to teach them.