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Hey! I'm Spencer.

I believe little kids can do big things.

Spencer working with little boy on a white board.

As a kid...

In first grade, I was one of the two lowest readers. And the worst part was I knew I was behind.

I was one of the "dumb kids."

Because I had trouble reading, I also struggled with writing and spelling. Then I encountered challenges with the other subjects that required reading and writing.

Thankfully, I eventually caught up. (Many kids don't.) But I still remember exactly what it's like to be behind... and I can't stand the thought of any child feeling that way.
A child school photo

As a teacher...

I worked closely with families to make sure our students consistently beat all of their academic goals—while also having fun and growing as people.

In six years, I was honored to receive:
● Harriett Ball Excellence in Teaching Award ($10,000)
● Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award ($20,000)
● Amherst Commitment to Teaching Award ($3,500)
● HEB Rising Star Texas Teacher of the Year (Semi-Finalist)
a teacher sitting at a table with a group of children

As a dad...

I discovered the very same strategies that help older kids learn to read work with toddlers, as well. I documented every day of teaching my son to read (to really read) at 2 years old, and now I'm helping parents and caregivers teach their little ones, too!
Spencer reading with his son and partner.

Open your little one's world through reading.

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