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Toddlers CAN Read Online Courses

Start or strengthen your child's reading journey.

Learn a developmentally appropriate approach to early literacy, and set your little one up for success in school and life.

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Teaching your child to read doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming.

I'll show you where to start, what to do next, and how to keep your child engaged and having fun. No teaching experience required.

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Hi, I'm Spencer.

I believe little kids can do big things.

I'm passionate about helping parents teach their children to read. But to be honest, it's not ultimately about the reading itself. It's about what reading unlocks.

When kids read well from the get-go, they do better in school from the start. Strong academics means more opportunities down the road. And more opportunities mean more options.

In other words, when kids read well, they get to choose their life.

Whatever small role I can play in your little one's success, I'm here for it. Every step of the way.
Meet Spencer
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Spencer Russell
Award-Winning Educator
Founder of Toddlers CAN Read

This is your reading roadmap.

Every course includes:
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Engaging, video-based curriculum
Calendar page with a number 1
Lifetime access to the course and app
Checklist with three items checked off
Sample lesson plan and template
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Helpful downloads and printables
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Bonus Course: Your Toddler's Behavior
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30-day money-back guarantee
Easel board icon
Engaging, video-based curriculum
Calendar page with a number 1
Lifetime access to the course and app
Checklist with three items checked off
Sample lesson plan and template
Paper icon
Helpful downloads and printables
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Bonus Course: Your Toddler's Behavior
Icon of a paper with an award
30-day money-back guarantee
BEST-SELLER: The Toddlers CAN Read Bundle

Go from square one to reading success.

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Blending Words Course ($99 value)
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Reading Books Course ($99 value)
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Your Toddler's Behavior Course ($99 value)
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Dad working with his son on learning to read.
Customer testimonial

I was surprised we could start before 2!

We knew the course was working when our son was able to pick up several letter sounds in a matter of a few weeks.
Shaye W.
Customer testimonial

Within 4 weeks, she knew all her letter sounds.

This course taught my daughter to start reading, but it also taught me how to be a teacher and have patience. When my daughter starts kindergarten, she will be reading. I'm so proud of her!
Ellie B.
Customer testimonial

I have the power to help my son!

... it's incredibly clear to me how even the first elements/foundations of this course are shaping Pierce's desire to learn, love of practicing/mastering the concepts, and excitement about letters and books. Any time he sees a letter anywhere in public, he starts yelling the sounds he recognizes!
Clemmie M.
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I'm a parent, too.

I know first-hand how packed your calendar and to-do list are, and I've designed Toddlers CAN Read with your family in mind.

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Easy Access

You get on-demand access to your course(s) on any internet-enabled device, so you can go at your family's pace.
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Easy Approach

Each course includes step-by-step lessons and printable guides so you can feel confident you're on the right track.
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Easy Activities

I help you make learning fun, just two or three minutes at a time, so even super wiggly kiddos stay focused and attentive.

Readers are leaders.

Teaching your child to read is much easier than you think.

Believe your child can learn to read.

Kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. Why make them wait until kindergarten to read?
Little boy learning the letter sounds.

Be confident you can teach them.

You can be an amazing teacher for your child, and Toddlers CAN Read can help you do it.
Practicing letter sounds is fun.

Be overjoyed when reading opens the world to your child.

Reading is the key to success in school and beyond, and kids who start ahead stay ahead.
Child learning to read.

Smart questions from caring parents.

Can toddlers really learn how to read?
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Generally, there are two camps of people:

● Those who believe toddlers can't learn to read unless they were born with some special ability other children just don't have.
● Those who believe many toddlers learn to read, and it comes naturally as children are read to.

Both camps get it wrong.

It's a myth that toddlers need to be born special in some way to read early. But it's also a myth that it's common for toddlers to learn to read early. It's not.

In reality, toddlers CAN learn to read—but only if they're taught how to read in a way that makes sense.
Don't all kids learn to read naturally from being read to?
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This is a common myth about reading. While it's important that we read to our little ones and surround them with books to build an interest in reading from an early age, simply reading to children does not teach them how to read.

In fact, many parents of second graders find out that although their child's vocabulary is robust and their comprehension is strong, they're actually behind in their reading skills.

Learning to read is a skill that must be taught. Many folks never learn to read, and many more struggle with reading their whole lives—even as adults—and they wish they had more positive experiences with reading growing up.
My child has a learning disability. Will your courses help?
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Yes. I show you how to tailor my approach to your little one's specific needs. I don't guarantee my courses will work for every child, though. I'm happy to talk with you to see if Toddlers CAN Read is a good fit for your child before you purchase a course.
Why should I teach my child to read before kindergarten?
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I'll never say your child "should" be reading before kindergarten. But I'll also never say they "shouldn't." That's a personal decision for you to make based on what you think is best for your child. If you want to help your child read before kindergarten, I'll show you how.
How do I know if my child is ready to learn to read?
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Your little one is ready to start learning when you're ready to start teaching.

● If you have a child who is preverbal, you can work to build their joy and love of reading by speaking with them, reading with them, and teaching them concepts of print.
● If you have a little one who is beginning to talk, you can teach them the letter sounds they are able to pronounce.
● If you have a little one is talking well, this is a great time to build a reading routine!
If I teach my child to read now, won't they be bored in kindergarten?
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As a former kindergarten teacher and parent of a child who's been reading since he was 2 years old, I can tell you this is highly unlikely.

When a child enters kindergarten knowing how to read, it means no book, topic, or assignment is off limits. It means they're reading to learn (not just learning to read) and can access new information on their own.

It also means they're more likely to be confident in their ability and less likely to be anxious, confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed. This frees them up to focus on learning, being happy, and making friends.

But again: Your little one doesn't need to read before kindergarten. If you want to help them read, I'm here for you.
I heard teaching your child to read before kindergarten is developmentally inappropriate. Is that true?
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If "teaching your child" means sitting down and drilling a list of sight words, then I agree: That's bad news.

My goal is to help parents and caregivers learn how to teach their little ones to read in a way that's simple, engaging, and effective. This means focusing on the sounds that are easiest for your particular child and activities that work best for them.

Teaching a child to read is no easier and no harder than many of the other things we're already teaching them, like colors and shapes. It's just a matter of knowing how to do it.
How much time is this going to take?
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The shorter answer: You can teach your little one to read in 5-10 minutes/day. Follow the guidance from the course, stay consistent, and you'll be amazed by what they (and you) can accomplish.

The longer answer: Learning time varies from child to child and family to family, but your little one CAN learn to read. Working with them for a small chunk of time each day will be more effective than long chunks of time that are inconsistent.

Initially, you'll just take what your little one gives you. It may be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 3 minutes. But focus is a skill, just like any other, that can be built an increased over time with practice.

When you're getting started, focus less on the time and more on just getting started. Keep it consistent and build a routine.
Aren't there more important things for kids to be learning so young?
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Toddlers need to learn so many things, and I'll never say they need to learn how to read. In fact, learning to read shouldn't replace what you're already doing with your child.

But, if you decide you want to help them grow into a confident, competent reader and you want to get them started early, I can help you. And I can help you teach them quickly so you still have plenty of time to focus on everything else!
What if my child can't sit still or focus long enough to learn?
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You don't need them to sit still or focus for long periods of time! I show you how to play games with the sounds so your little one has fun and gets to move around and interact with the sounds.
I don't have any teaching experience. Can I really teach my child?
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You wouldn't believe how many folks tell me this before working with me and how proud they are of themselves just a few weeks later!

It's true: You don't need any teaching experience. You only need to be willing to get started and to focus on improving just a little bit every day.
What do I get when I sign up?
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You get lifetime access to all course materials: 2 hours of videos/course, a full model lesson, a full lesson plan, an app to watch the course, and helpful handouts to guide you along the way.
What if I'm not a good reader myself?
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Honestly, this is one of the biggest reasons I decided to teach my son to read early. I was a struggling reader growing up, and I wanted my son to have a better experience than I did.

I have families taking my courses who have master's degrees and PhDs, and I have families taking my courses who struggle to read themselves or have learning disabilities. At this level of reading, it's really not about who's more educated or who's the better reader. It's about who's willing to make the time and follow through (with the right activities!).
What else do I need to buy?
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You'll need a small whiteboard, dry erase markers, and at least one set of sound flashcards. When you purchase the Toddlers CAN Read bundle, you receive one set of flashcards for free.

Imagine when your child can read to you.

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