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Beginning Reading Workshop

Join the thousands of parents who've discovered this surprisingly simple approach to teaching reading.

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Developmentally Appropriate

Children as young as 18 months old can begin their reading journey.
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Designed for Busy Families

Find out how to teach your child to read in just a few minutes/day, a few days/week.
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Teaching Experience Not Required

Get step-by-step guidance so you can teach your child.

In just 30 minutes, you'll learn:

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Common mistakes folks make when they teach reading
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Teaching letter sounds so they actually stick
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Blending words the right way
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Encouraging focus and attention through fun
Spencer teaching a toddler to read
Spencer Russell
Award-Winning Educator
Founder of Toddlers CAN Read
Customer testimonial

This is definitely THE program when it comes to teaching your littles how to read!

Tiffany, working with 5-year-old twins
Customer testimonial

My daughter is likely going to be reading at 2. ... I'm just mind blown.

Sable, working with a 2-year-old
Customer Testimonial

My daughter went from crying and frustrated to proud and confident.

Rebecca, working with a 6-year-old
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You can teach your child to read faster than any school or daycare.

Join the Beginning Reading Workshop to learn how.

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