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4 Reasons To Teach Your Toddler to Read

Many parents feel a lot of pressure when it comes to developmental milestones. So when you see “toddler” and “read” in the same sentence, you might think it’s just one more thing you have to worry about. 

Dressing themselves. 

Kicking a ball. 



Here’s the thing: I’ll never tell someone they MUST teach their toddler to read. But I will tell you that a toddler CAN learn to read, and that you CAN teach them without abandoning other developmental milestones

So if you’re curious about why you might want to include reading as a skill your little one develops before they start school, here are 4 things to consider: 

1. Reading makes school easier and more enjoyable.

From the moment they start school, your little one is bombarded with new ideas and concepts: reading, writing, math, social skills, following directions, and more. Knowing how to read coming into school eases the stress and helps them focus on all the other new things they’re learning.

2. Reading helps kids learn about the world around them (on their own.)

There’s a transition that every child goes through in life: from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” 

And one thing we can confidently say most kids have in common is that they are very curious about the world around them.

The sooner we can get our kids to that “reading to learn” stage, the sooner they can use reading as a tool to fuel their curiosity. Reading makes the world around them more accessible, and encourages them to learn and be excited about the world around them.

3. Your child wants to learn how to read.

Kids love learning, letters, and being read to. Not only is it a ton of fun, but learning a new skill also builds their confidence and fills them with pride.

4. You want to teach your child to read.

Teaching your child how to read is an incredibly personal decision, and it’s not the right choice for everybody. 

That being said, reading is arguably one of the most important skills your little one will ever learn. Not only will your child be proud of their new skill, but you’ll be proud to be the one who taught them how to do it. 

And if you teach reading the right (developmentally appropriate) way, learning time is a perfect opportunity to have fun and connect with your little one. 

So if you think about teaching your child and get excited about the worlds that can open up for them, then I’m here and happy to help you on that journey. 

How to Teach Reading

Teaching your child to read is so much easier than you think—even if you have no teaching experience. And you can get started today by taking my free, on-demand Beginning Reading Workshop! Thousands of parents have used what they’ve learned in the workshop to start or accelerate their little one’s reading journey.

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